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It’s nature’s first choice for your dog!
All dogs, even domestic ones, are born carnivores, evolved from wolves. They are meat eaters, and the most natural, healthy and biologically appropriate diet for them is the meat, bones and organs of other animals. Cooked, processed foods lead to inactivity, obesity and other health complications.


Dogs are perfectly designed to eat raw food:
Your dogs sharp teeth and strong jaws are made to cut meat and crunch bones. Saliva is used as a lubricant, and produces enzymes that destroy bacteria, but it does not produce the enzymes needed to digest the carbohydrates from fast foods. Strong stomach acids and shorter digestive tracts are made to efficiently process and digest raw meat and bone.

we are proud to retail
raw pet food brands!

Brands we always have in stock:
Back 2 raw
mountain dog food

custom orders from the other companies can be placed monthly or every 2-3 months



Big Country

Back 2 Raw

K9 Choice


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