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What sets Prairieburn K9 Academy’s workshop apart from the others is our one of a kind approach to teaching owners about dog psychology, how owners affect their dog’s behavior, how dogs communicate with each other and how to mirror that communication along with being an advocate for their dog to create a relationship of trust and respect.

Coupled with personalized hands on training the owners walk away with the knowledge and experience to have a dog that feel safe in the world that can go anywhere.

Our proactive training approach teaches you how to unleash your dogs natural K9 potential.  Our easy 3 step training program can be incorporated into your everyday routine and busy lives. No more having to set aside time for special training sessions! We believe that every dog and owner are unique and we have experience in many different training tools. During the Workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with different training tools to see what you like and decide which tool you feel works best for the owner and their dog. 

What our clients are saying… 

"Being part of a foundations class completely changed my relationship with my dog! He is so much more calm, I can enjoyably take him on walks without being pulled around and learning how to use the ecollar has been a benefit for both of us. I highly recommend Prairieburn K9 Academy to everyone with a dog... young or old!"

"Tuuka LOVES going on day hikes and looks forward to them every week. We have also done fundamental training and ecollar training with Jessie and every single experience has been positive. He has learned so much patience since starting training. Highly recommend!"

"Thank you Jessie and Mikayla. Both M and myself really appreciate all the information and help inworking towards creating calm for our new, more relaxing lifestyle! There was a lot I didn't know about having a dog and I'm so happy to have signed up for this class. I thought all we needed was to learn how to walk with a loose leash, I'm really starting to see how we actually needed to work on calm before anything! What a difference it has made already. I appreciate your knowledge and advice, keep up the great work."



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