Full Groom
Your dog will have their nails trimmed and filed, their ears cleaned and receive a deep cleansing and conditioning bath with shampoos and conditioners that are all natural and fit your dogs skins needs just right. After their bath they will be hand blow-dried, fully brushed and combed out removing all excess dead coat and to top it all off they will receive a full haircut of your choice whether it be a shave off or hand scissored trim.
Bath & Tidy
If your dog doesn't need a full haircut but you'd still like them to get a bath and tidy that's fine with me! Your dog will receive all of the same services as a Full Groom but instead of a full haircut and depending on coat type they will be de-shedded and or have their face, feet and bum tidied up nice and clean!
Cat Grooming
We offer brush outs, bath & blow outs, lion cuts (shave offs), nail trims   $60 / Hour
1st Puppy Nail Trim is Free! 

(6 months & under)