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Our dogs dream of a place where they can go to feel safe & be social. 

We believe its important to earn trust & respect with the dogs in our care.

We do so by creating an environment that is calm, consistent and rewarding to the dogs.

Some benefits of our structured daycare:

- Socialization

- Learn how to play

- Learn species specific body language

- Be respectful

- Practice a calm state of mind

- Enriching/fulfilling add on activities

- Exercise

- Basic Manners

- Build a bond prior to boarding with us

- Support from our trained staff

and much more!

We just opened up a 6,000 sqft fully fenced in outdoor play park!

+ Daycare will run Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM till 6:00 PM
+ Booking can happen via our the Gingr Pet Parent app (facility code 939034) , in person or by phone
You can call us the day of, if we have available slots we will try and accommodate the best we can
+ We accept all forms of payment.

+ An evaluation will occur during your dogs first day with us. We will be evaluating basic manners such as:

No excessive pulling on leash or barking
Can settle in a kennel

Stable minded
Zero aggression

* Separate training available for clients who need a little extra help *

+ Feel free to pack food for your dog if they are in our care during their regular feeding time. Please have their packed meal labeled with their name and feeding time.
+ Grooming services can be requested at an extra cost during your dogs day such as a nail trim, brush out, bath and tidy etc (Our grooming days are often fully booked so please pre book in advance)

Facility Rules - Click Here
Regular Daycare




Subscribe & Save!

10 Days/Month = $230.00

15 Days/Month = $330.00

20 Days/Month = $420.00

25 Days/Month = $500.00  



+VIP's get access to daily packwalks and off leash adventures (if E Collar trained)

+They also get access to discounted nail trims and food enrichment activities
+ If it's too hot or too cold outside pack walks will be replaced with treamill time, fun 1/1 training and more

+ Your dog gets biweekly FREE bi weekly nail trims!

+One FREE weekly food enrichment activity!



Subscribe & Save!

10 Days/Month = $380.00

15 Days/Month = $555.00

20 Days/Month = $720.00

25 Days/Month = $875.00

Leash Training

Let's get your dog ready to join our pack!

(Must commit to 1 VIP day/week 12 weeks @ $40 per day)

+ $200.00

This includes:

- Your dog spending a day at our facility with our trainers teaching them loose leash walking manners.

- Up to 1 hour working hands on with one of our trainers teaching you everything you need to know to walk your dog calmly and confidently in the real world.

- Walking tool 

** Prairieburn K9 Academy Alumni get automatic access to VIP daycare**

Grooming + Daycare Package

Book your dog in for a bath + tidy or a full groom & receive same day Daycare for only $15

Our mission is to create a social sanctuary where your dog can learn and thrive!

Join the Pack!

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