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+ Download the Gingr Pet Parent App (facility code: 939034)
We require proof of up to date Rabies, Parvo and Distemper vaccines. Positive titre tests allowed!

We have two agreements that need to be read and signed on the Gingr Pet Parent App

+ Our standard release form is for any dog that is being left in our care

+ Our cancellation policy agreement will need to be signed prior to your dog being booked in for grooming.
+ ALL dogs coming in and out of our facility MUST be on leash and under control at all times. Please be respectful of other dogs space. NO touch NO talk NO eye contact. Some dogs in our care need extra space.

+ For the safety and respect of other clients please refrain from using retractable leashes
+ Are we excited to see your dog when they walk into our facility? YES! Every single time. Why are we so calm and collected? For the benefit of your dog. Bringing an over excited dog into a mixed dog environment is never a good idea. It can cause other dogs to feel uncomfortable, trigger a fight etc!
+ Please make sure to potty your dog before drop off. And please do not allow your dog to potty in front of or on the building.


Thank you!

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