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If you’re our client you are apart of our family and we look forward to caring for you pet just the same as we would our own.

We will do everything we can to make your dogs stay with us as calm, comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Boarding dogs spend evenings and weekends at Jessie Lavallee (Owner) 's home in Altona. Our boarding dogs rest, eat and sleep in kennels. There is a large fenced in outdoor area at both locations.


All of our boarding dogs are given the opportunity to spend their day in our daycare with our other clients if they meet the requirements listed below.
* No excessive pulling on leash or barking
* Can settle in a kennel
* Zero aggression

** Separate training available for clients who need a little extra help 🙂 **

- All new boarding dogs are required to come in for an evaluation prior to booking their stay with us to be sure that they are comfortable in our facility/with our staff and suitable for our social atmosphere.

How they work:
* 1-6 days with us = We require 1 x 8 hour Daycare day @ $25
* 7+ days with us = We require 1 overnight stay @ $45


+ The best way to request a boarding reservation is through our Gingr Pet Parent app! (facility 939034)

You can also talk to us in person, over the phone or email us at
+ We accept all forms of payment
+ If your dog isn’t suitable for our daycare environment or you just prefer they not socialize with other dogs that’s ok too! They will still receive the same quality of care
+ Be sure to pack enough food for your dogs entire length of stay plus a little extra. Please have your dogs food in a sealed, labeled container with your dogs name and feeding instructions
+ Bowls are supplied by us
+Feel free to pack things from home like bedding to help make your dog more comfortable during their stay. We will not be providing any type of bedding for your dog to have in their crate.

**We are not responsible for any damaged personal items**

All pricing is per calendar day NOT per night or 24 hour period



- $45/Day

- $35/Day for 7+ Days

+ Daycare is included



- $85/Day

- $75/Day for 7+ Days

+ Your dog will be included in all extra VIP services as well as 1/1 private training with our staff at the facilty and in Jessie's home on a daily basis.

+ Grooming services can be requested at an extra cost during your dogs stay such as a nail trim, brush out, bath and tidy, full groom etc (Our grooming days are often fully booked so please book in advance)
** Receive grooming services 25% off if your dog stays for 7+ days**

+YES we most definitely accept raw fed dogs in our facility

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